The real mastermind behind these events, the fallen angel Satan was cast down to Earth as punishment for his rebellion against God. Satan has been searching for a way to re-enter Heaven and crush the Almighty once and for all. The God Mask is said to bestow a power that is supposed to be a key to God himself; a power that makes its wearer God’s vassal on Earth, and Satan has manipulated Zobek and the other Lords of Shadow to acquire it for his own means. Satan has unimaginable power to wield on this Earth, and can use both Light and Shadow energy to cast destructive spells or summon demonic Reapers from other planes. However, he is not able to command his full strength while chained to the earthly plane, and thus remains weakened against Heaven’s chosen.

The face of true evil is rarely seen on the earth in his true form, as his strong bond with Hell prevents it. However, following a long wait in exile in the burning abyss, Satan’s moment has arrived. For centuries, his acolytes have prepared his return awaiting the perfect time, gathering the power needed to release him from his bonds and bring him back.

Though his hordes preceded him in time, bringing Hell to earth, the fallen angel is not satisfied, as no one warned him that the only warrior capable of defeating him was in a position to face him. It’s too late now. He has no other options, and the one thing he knows for certain is that he will not be defeated again.

He knows Dracula’s weaknesses and he will not think twice about unleashing all the power available to eliminate him.

“If I cannot rule the world in the World of Men, then no one will!”